Seam Guides

Seam guides are 2d texture templates for 3D objects and figures, but with colored areas to indicate where seams connect over divided areas of the template. All of my seam guides are created manually (I fill in the little squares by hand), and are primarily for DAZ 3D content.


Guides are saved in .gif format to save room. Please remember to convert them to true-color before attempting to paint or texture them.


DAZ has notified me that there is no real demand in further seam guides for their products, so the guides here are likely to be the last I create.



DAZ Base Figures



Genesis 3 Female


Genesis 3 Male


Genesis 2 Female


Genesis 2 Male


Victoria 5


Michael 5


Genesis Base


Hitomi (for Genesis)


Michael 4


Victoria 4


Kids 4


Freak 4


Hiro 4


Girl 4


Victoria 3


Michael 3/David 3


Aiko 3


Michael 2


Victoria 2





Other Figures



Millennium Horse 2


Dork (P4 Default Male)


Posette (P4 Female Default)




James (original)


Jessi (original)


Koji (original)


Millennium Dragon 1


Sea Dragon


Anime Doll (original)


Apollo Maximus


Miki (original)














Morphing Fantasy Dress (for all versions except Stephanie Petite MFD)


Morphing Fantasy Dress Expansion 1


Abyssal Queeen (DAZ Installer)


Aiko 3 Bodysuit


B25 Evening Dress


Button-Down Dress


Corset Dress


Evening Star Dress


Michael 3 Bodysuit


Michael 4 Bodysuit


V4 Halter Top and other original Poser 4 clothing


Pharaohs of the Sun Dress


Morphing Fantasy Dress for Stephanie Petite


The Dress


Tiffany Dress


Tunic Set


Victoria 2 Catsuit


Victoria 3 Catsuit


Victoria 3 Teddy


Victoria 3 T-Shirt


Victoria 4 Biker Boots


Victoria 4 Bodysuit


Victoria 4 Bodysuit Expansion


Victoria 4 Cowl, Booties, Gloves