Here is a list of seam guides that I have made. Seam guides are blank object templates used to paint textures on 3D models, but my seam guides are color coded and include tips for connecting textures across the divisions ('seams') of the mesh. Remember to convert the GIFs to true-color (like a PSD or a TIF) before you begin painting.

Genesis 3 Female Base *new*

Genesis 2 Male Base

Genesis 2 Female Base

DAZ Horse 2

Genesis Basic Male and Female

Hitomi for Genesis

Victoria 5

Michael 5

Michael 5 Genitals w/ new Torso guide

Kids 4

Victoria 4.2 (also works with Aiko 4, and Girl)

Michael 4 (also works with Hiro 4)

Victoria 3 (also works with Stephanie Petite 3.0)

Michael 3 (also works with David 3.0)

Aiko 3.0

Hiro 3.0

The Freak (original)

The GIRL (original)

Stephanie (original)

Victoria 2

Michael 2

Sydney (included with Poser 7)

G2 Males (from Content Paradise)

Nearme (from Content Paradise)



Miki 1.0 (from Content Paradise)

Koji 1.0 (from Content Paradise)

Poser 4 Male (Dork) (included with Poser 4)

Poser 4 Female (Posette) (included with Poser 4)

Anime Doll (by MayaX)

Apollo Maximus (by Anton)

Gloria (from Renderosity)

Millennium Dragon 2.0

Sea Dragon


Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit

Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit Expansion Pack (cowl and booties)

Michael 4 Bodysuit

Morphing Fantasy Dress (works on V3 and V4 MFDs, textures are compatible)

Morphing Fantasy Dress Expansion Pack 1 (works on V3 and V4 MFDs, textures are compatible)

Pharaohs of the Sun Dress for V4

B25's Evening Style Dress for V4

Corset Dress for V4

Evening Star Dress for V4

Tiffany Dress for V4

Abyssal Queen dress for V3 (this is a DAZ installer)

Aiko 3 Ultra Catsuit

Tunic Sets for Victoria 3 and Michael 3

Michael 3.0 Ultra Bodysuit

Morphing Fantasy Dress for Stephanie Petite

The Dress for Victoria 3

Victoria 3 Ultra Catsuit

Victoria 3 Teddy Set

Victoria 3 Morphing T-Shirt

Button Down Dress and Jacket for V3/A3

Victoria 2 Catsuit (for V1 and V2 suit, includes transmaps)

P4 Catsuit, Halter Top, and Leotard (included with Poser 4; the oldest guides of all!)


Millennium Eye guide (for generation 3.0 figure eyes)

V3/SP3 Lip guide (for extreme detail only, will have to be resized and overlayed)