Hi, and thanks for visiting my storage page. Here you can find my seam guides (colored texture templates) and my very old and outdated free stuff for Poser and DAZ Studio.

You can find all of my art, journals and recent updates on my deviantArt page here:


updated: 7/7/14: Seam guides for DAZ's Genesis 2 Male Base added to Seam Guides page.

New free download: Smacky character INJ/REM files

Please visit my deviantArt page above for many more Smacky images and information, and let me know if you use this file to make your own Smacky image - I would love to add it to my favorites and will feature you and your art.  :)

updated: 5/19/12
I decided to move my free stuff, seam guides, gallery, and tutorials from Renderosity to my personal pages here and on deviantArt. Let's just say I don't see eye-to-eye with the new crowd that's sprung up over there in the past year.

You can currently download my seam guides and most of my old free stuff here now, just use the above links to go to the appropriate section.

 I do thank everyone else who has commented on my images and supported my work at Renderosity, and I hope you will visit my deviantArt page above when you have time.

Thanks very much!

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